An open platform to monitor real-time electricity prices. Stay informed and make better energy choices.

hexagon/spotweb on GitHub

Dive into the classic Tetris game with a modern touch. Can you beat the high score?

hexagon/detris on GitHub

Popular, fully featured, JavasScript/TypeScript scheduler cron parser and task runner library.

hexagon/croner on GitHub

Powerful universal process manager developed with Deno, designed to keep your applications and services alive.

hexagon/pup on GitHub

Isomorphic base64/base64url library for JavaScript and TypeScript, which works in Node, Deno, Bun and browser.

hexagon/base64 on GitHub

Documentation for a minimal JavaScript and TypeScript timezone conversion library, which works in Node, Deno, Bun and browser.

hexagon/minitz on GitHub

ESM compatible successor to the popular npm package common-tags, with additional support for Deno and Bun.

hexagon/proper-tags on GitHub

Unofficial ENTSO-e REST API Client for JavaScript/TypeScript with Deno and Node. Comprehensive. User-friendly. Minimalistic.

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Hexagon's Blog, focusing on Open Source, JavaScript, TypeScript, Deno and related technologies..

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